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Recommended Packing List

We can provide guests with pool towels, as well as shower towels. However, Bikram students will need to bring their own towels required for classes.

In order to make your experience more comfortable, we have provided a list of items that we recommend you bring with you.

Yoga Gear:

Comfortable clothes for practicing yoga
Yoga mat (also availabile on site)
Shawl or fleece (to wrap around you during meditation or deep relaxation)

Personal Items:

Personal water drinking bottle
Casual clothing (besides yoga gear, e.g., long cool trousers and shirts)
Personal toiletries and cosmetics, toothbrush & paste
Personal medication (if needed)
Trainers / walking boots
Bathing suit
Sun screen
Mosquito repellent
Torch / flashlight

Please make sure you are able to carry all your own luggage as we have no porters here.

Health and Safety

Please take the time to read following health and safety guidelines and contact us if you have any queries. Submit this form only when you have understood all of the following guidance notes and agree to abide by them whilst at Valle de Vida.

It is important to us that you have a wonderful and relaxing holiday whilst staying at Valle de Vida. Observing a few simple guidelines could make the difference between a fantastic time away and one marred by accident or ill-health.

The owners cannot accept responsibility for physical injury or damage to personal property caused by the irresponsible or inappropriate behaviour of guests under any circumstances.


Like most warm climates, a few simple precautions will keep you healthy…

Drinking Water. You should not drink the tap water.

Mosquitoes. These will not bother you if you spray yourself at dusk. Also, use the plug-in anti-mozzie tablets in your bedroom and spray the room at night (keeping windows and doors closed). You will enjoy a bite-free holiday! EVEN better cover yourself with long cotton trousers and shirt. There are mozzie nets in Tepee’s if you need them, most people don’t.

Sun. The sun can be very strong and high factor sunscreens should be used.


Simple common sense applies here…

The Swimming Pool. DO NOT dive into the pool. The depth is approximately 2.3m at one end and 1.5m at the shallow end. DO NOT JUMP IN BY THE STEPS AT THE SHALLOW END. And the use of the pool or any other facilities during the hours of darkness is done entirely at your own risk.
Care Around the Pool. Please take care on all wet surfaces * especially around the pool * as it is all too easy to slip and hurt yourself. DO NOT TAKE GLASSES TO THE POOL AREA, there are plastic cups provided. If glass drops in the pool or the stones around it would be very dangerous for others and yourselves.

Walking. Some of the areas in Valle de Vida have very uneven surfaces. When walking please ensure you are wearing sensible foot ware and do not go up the mountain at night. Flip flops are not the most suitable for the terrain and you may find sandals with back straps are more practical. Whilst walking between house and Tepee’s at night please carry a torch. Please keep the house stair light on at night.

NO FIRES. This includes candles. Please make sure you extinguish all cigarettes properly. Fire can get out of control and spread very quickly here.

The facilities. The hydrotherapy pool must be booked in advance…it is important for YOU and YOUR HEALTH. The chemical and water levels need to be kept in balance, so please let us know when you want to use.

Please do not touch the controls on the Hydrotherapy tub or the Steam room.

For your safety and enjoyment we ask that no one uses the steam room on their own. There are safety issues with prolonged usage and please never use this facility after alcohol.

Driving in Spain. The tracks are not great and even some of the roads are not well surfaced. Please take extra special care when driving, and ensure all have proper seats and seat belts are on. Make sure you take a “track map” with you so you can find your way back !


Please respect the water. We run off well water here and once it has gone for the season we need to get trucks in to deliver water which is very difficult. Please think how long you really need to spend in a shower.

Our white towels we provide are for showers in the bathrooms only not for use by the pool. And blankets are for bedding only and not for outside use.

To ensure the safety of all guests we request that the use of all glasses are restricted to the terrace. Please use plastic cups when away from this area.

We advise that you do not take food into Tepee’s or bedrooms as this will encourage insects where you sleep.

Please do not feed the dog, cats and kittens, it will only encourage them. They are all cheeky and will try to steal food. The animals are not allowed in the finca or Tepee’s.

Do not leave rubbish bags outside, make sure it is left in the storage room in the court yard and the door is shut.
Any breakages please let us know ASAP so we can replace


It is always advisable to take out holiday insurance whilst travelling abroad. In the very unlikely event that an accident occurs, this will give you peace of mind and cover you for any possible eventuality. I would advise having this above the European health card.


We wish you a healthy and safe holiday, but please note that your well-being is your responsibility. To the extent permitted by law, We cannot be held responsible for accidents that may occur whilst you are staying at Valle de Vida.

Robi Persad and Keri Williams.

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