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Ancient technique of Reflexology


The ancient technique of Reflexology is one of the most popular and powerful, non-invasive health treatments available. It is thought to be linked to the meridians used in Chinese medicine, and is an extremely therapeutic, highly pleasurable and relaxing way to relieve stress and maintain healthy well-being.


This safe, natural therapy is based on the principle that each reflex point in the foot relates to each organ, function and part of the body. By applying a finger/thumb pressure technique to these foot reflexes (It is not ticklish; the pressure is firm but not painful.) it helps to stimulate the whole body’s own healing process and brings about a state of deep, restful relaxation and well being, helping the body return to its natural equilibrium.


Massage is sometimes also offered moving up from the feet onto tight calves and even hamstrings/ gluteals, if clients want. It works well with yoga practice.


The treatment lasts 55 minutes – €60

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