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MAY 03 - 10
SERENITY IN SPAIN Yoga with Andrea Robertson

"To travel is to live" - Hans Christian Anderson

Come and explore SPAIN in the Spring. The location is at an idyllic Spanish mountain health and yoga retreat centre set in the heart of a secluded green valley and surrounded by the dramatic beauty of the Andalucian Mountains just 30 min from Malaga. Spending time on the properties eighteen acres with a luxurious salt water swimming pool, treatment room for a variety of treatments, haman and sauna. Accommodations are either in a main house or those who prefer to be closer to nature stay in a teepee, ME pods or geodesic domes. The perfect retreat to rejuvenate your body, reawaken your senses and revitalise your mind.


MAY 12-17

This is an opportunity to connect to the pure essence that resides in you, we will connect to nature and dive deep into our own powers to unlock any blockages, and let your desires flow and manifest themselves.

We will apply ancient techniques, gradually improving and strengthening your stamina and develop new qualities to open up and grow your confidence.

Bring a set of white clothing, as it symbolize path to any transformation shift you are working towards, whether you are looking to release old patterns and traumas, or move into a more self-confident space.

We will focus on ourselves with a guided breath work and with the healing sounds that will deepen your sensations, emotions. We will have time for self-re flexion to help us connect even deeper with a wonderful guided meditation.

Click here for more details


MAY 20-28
Andrea and Friends
Walks and Talks - Private R

Image by Anders Nielsen

JUNE 04-10
RETREAT with Amber and Pip -
Yoga Lounge Bournemouth

Set in the heart of a secluded green valley and surrounded by the dramatic beauty of the Andalucian Mountains, the natural beauty of this stunning location will inspire a sense of serenity and tranquillity, inviting you to relax and unwind. We also plan on having lots of fun! Per day, indulge indulge in a morning Dynamic Vinyasa Flow with Pip and blissful Yin Yoga in the afternoon with Ali. Ali will of course be incorporating the magical sounds of Himalayan bowls. Chill out after class by taking a dip in the solar heated salt water pool, have a session in the sauna or steam room, or be treated by one of the experienced therapists on site.

We’ll also be hosting a Cinema night and a Disco Yoga Party during the retreat.

Amber & Pip.jpg

JUNE 11-18
With Nicole - SUP Yoga and more

This 7 day retreat is a women's only holiday as we are going to be reconnecting to our feminine energy, and balancing our masculine energy. Using the power to build a sisterhood of support.

The retreat is aimed at full time workers looking to find balance in their lifestyle, mothers to step back from their duties and re-find themselves as women, and business women who struggle to step away from the demands of being their own boss! Minimum age of 18, no maximum age.




JUNE 09 - 22

Lunch Table

JUNE 23-28
Practise Yoga & Pilates daily
in the fresh air and sunshine!

Bathe in the salt-water pool & soak up some poolside rays, as you relax with a good book. Indulge your body with the luxurious on-site massage treatments, steam rooms and sauna & tantalise your taste-buds with 3 freshly cooked, mouth-watering daily meals, using the freshest, locally sourced produce.We will start the day with fresh, raw smoothies and end it by watching the sunset in Savasana. Return home glowing, re-connected, nourished and inspired to live your best life!

Space is extremely limited, so book your spot today and prepare to relax and reconnect!



JUNE 30 - JULY 07

Spend a week in the beautiful mountains doing as much it as little as you want. There will be a mix of Bikram yoga, yin and flow, yoga nidra, meditation and breath work, manifesting with the moon and alignment workshops.

£1200 shared room
£1400 single room




JULY 08 - 14
with Nova Milesko

We will play, and relax during this 6 day retreat. Why not spend a week looking after yourself mentally and physically and also come away with new skills in self care and maybe even some new friends too.

There will be 2 sessions of daily yoga, meditation, a picnic trip to the nearby lakes, SUP or Kayak, a cinema night by the saltwater pool (solar heated), Hammam (stream room), Sauna, and more!

Meals & classes & Spa all included, Massages available as extra. Airport Transfers, or pick ups from the local stn Pizarra from Malaga are also available.

This Retreat's theme is Solar Power, like the place we are staying, we are powered by the Sun and can make great changes to our lives and to the mind by creating new patterns of light and shadow inturnally. We will use the theme organically interweave it through the food, meditations, and yoga practices and most importantly responds to the group dynamic.

This includes-beautiful veggie with vegan options all locally sourced (when possible), 6 days of yoga, meditation, chanting, breath development, chances to explore drawing, wild swimming, walks, nature connection and plenty of free time to relax and assimilate.

Truly witnessing the higher Self requires a desire for self-inquiry and turning the light inward.

Our Yoga retreats provide a nourishing space for observing the vast inner world, inspired by the beauty of the outer landscapes.

 From £1100 07894 588002
Stalkers can find me here Instagram, Twitter @novamilesko FB Nova C S Milesko And for my playlists try my Spotify or Youtube classes

Nova Milesko.jpg

JULY 16-23
Yoga with Daniella and friends



Private Family Booking

Family in Pool

AUGUST 13-20
Opening the
Gates of Consciousness

Join us for this 6- day retreat in the beautiful hills of southern Spain to recalibrate your body, mind, and spirit and to unlock your consciousness. A mix of somatic exercises, natural movement to re-kindle your joy and ease in motion, and various kinds of meditation and exercises to build consciousness make for the ingredients of this experiential transformative week.

With a focus on basic principles of movement, our body, emotions, the mind, and consciousness this is a deep dive for those who want to take their journey of personal development to the next level. Due to the nature of basic principles you will be able to use everything that you learn in this week in combination with almost any other modality, whether that is Yoga, Qigong, fitness, embodiment, martial arts, acrobatics, dance or simply a healthy living. 

We will explore the body, and consciousness and work on sharpening our awareness and perception, a skill that is highly important for any form of personal development and positive sustainable change. 
It’s a week that’s all about supporting flexibility, mobility, effortless posture, and natural movement aswell as increasing your perception and raising your energy levels. By focusing on foundations you will gain insights into your own strengths and how you can improve from where you are at the moment.

You will be able to refresh your body and mind, replenish your energy, and learn about emotions and how to better deal with them. Valuable tools to improve your day to day wellbeing, and ways to train and expand your consciousness will round things up. 

Beyond Systems is a non- dogmatic approach that seeks to meet everyone where they are and helps to develop applicable understanding and experience with our fundamental abilities.  As such it is both a great foundation for those starting out without any prior experience as well as a valuable training method for you if you already have a standing mindfulness, yoga or movement practice or are involved in any sort of holistic therapy.

Egwin’s Beyond Systems approach comes from more than 3 decades of experience in all kinds of movement and spiritual practices and his background in western as well as traditional Chinese medicine and holistic therapy. His interest is to re-kindle attention on quality and the depth of experience and to create real life applicable tools that make spiritual development accessible and grounded. Rooted both in ancient knowledge as well as modern science, it’s a diverse way of exploration and learning.

The retreat is an all-inclusive experience with about 7,5 hours of training and classes per day, accommodation in double rooms, 3 healthy meals and airport transfer included.

Details and sign up:


SOULCOACHING with Almaretreat

Always remember there are 8 billion people in this world and only one of you, there has never been another one of you before and there will never be another one of you again. You are the only you that ever was, is and will be, which by definition makes you uniquely special and means only you can be your Best Self and that you are always enough.

Greetings I'm Jay the Soul Coach and welcome to the Alma retreat.
just like you I have a story, my past, and also like you my daily routine is made up by the different roles I choose to play on a daily basis. as a soul coach it is my passion to help people highlight the fact that their past is unique to them and nothing to be ashamed of and the roles they are playing out on a daily basis, mother, wife husband, employee, friend etc all the reason they are feeling imbalanced and again this is nothing to be ashamed of. there's a beautiful time homeostasis which is defined as balance within the body well homeostasis also plays a massive part in the balance of our mind and our souls.

and to find that balance you simply have to remember who you are, the bit in the middle, the you bit,which is not a role. and I will help you help yourself find the Beautiful happy balance in being your best self.

I combine scientifically proven techniques along with ancient old natural practices to help facilitate a safe space for you to ReDiscover how much you love being you and what a wonderful opportunity it is to be you.
join me on an extraordinary journey to ReDiscover your best self.



Join us for a week filled with Bikram yoga, inferno hot Pilates, yin, yoga nidra, meditation and breathe work. Alignment & posture workshops. Learn about manifesting, take part in optional sound healing and cacao ceremonies.

£1200 shared room
£1400 single room




YOGA with Naomi Clarke

After a 3-year hiatus it’s time to return back to where it all began at Valle De Vida near Malaga, Spain.


Enjoy 26/2 hot yoga personal corrections with Naomi, soak up her alignment wisdom and tips, as well as posture clinic that will fuel your practice for the coming year.


Bathe in the salt-water pool and soak up some poolside rays as you relax with a good book. Indulge your body and soul with on-site massage treatments, a steam room, and sauna. Tickle your taste buds with 3 freshly cooked, mouth-watering daily meals using the freshest, locally sourced produce.

Stay in a beautiful traditional Spanish finca or get closer to nature and sleep under the glittering stars in your very own fully furnished Tepee or Geodome where you will be lulled to sleep by the sound of cicadas! 

Enjoy daily enjoy outdoor Yoga & Meditation sessions on the outdoor wooden deck, gazing at the view and watching the sun set in Savasana. Spend evenings chatting, reading, watching a movie in the pool cinema, comfy chill areas, gazing at the stars.

Naomi Clark Yoga .jpeg

YOGA with Sarah Irwin

Sarah has been teaching Yoga for 11 years, and has been bringing groups of Yoga students to Valle De Vida for the past 7 years to experience the magic of this place.  She teaches Hatha yoga, and the retreat is suitable for all levels including beginners. There is nothing like a yoga practice on the hill top platform for revitalising and reconnecting, enjoying the beauty of the Spanish hills, gorgeous wholesome food, sunbathing by the pool,  relaxing in the steam room, sauna or enjoying treatments that are on offer. And just making the most of the full immersive experience that a yoga holiday offers.  


Sarah’s 6 day Yoga Retreat includes two group yoga classes per day: One uplifting solar practice in the morning and one more gentle, restorative lunar practice in the late afternoon, including pranayama, meditation and deep relaxation.  Plus lots of laughs, new friendships and time to relax and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Spanish hills.

Sarah Irwin.jpeg


Join Mei and Aliza for a week of magic! As well as yoga and mediation this is an amazing opportunity to learn dumpling making by the queen of dumplings Mei!
Award winning Mei will lead you through 3 workshops a demo and a q & a session over the course of the week. This is a perfect opportunity to spend a week looking after yourself mentally and physically and also come away with new skills.
In addition there will be daily yoga, meditation and breathe work sessions, a manifesting and releasing with the moon workshop, a cinema night by the pool and more!

Meals & classes & Spa all included. Massages available as extra.

From £1200 



YOGA with Michael Bjerrum

T​ag med den erfarne Michael Bjerrum på en groundende og energiboostende yogaferie i Andalusiens smukke bjerge på Valle De Vida Retreat.


Hvad yogaferien byder på

Yogaferien er for dig, der elsker at bruge kroppen, og som nyder yogaens effekt på sind og fysik. I løbet af ferien vil du få rig mulighed for at fordybe din indsigt i yogaanatomi og derved styrke din praksis – også på et mere terapeutisk plan. Det fysiske er i centrum, men Michael Bjerrum arbejder også med yogaen som en kropsligt forbundet terapiform. Han møder dig, hvor du er, og du behøver derfor ikke tænke over, hvilket ’yoganiveau’ du tilhører. Du er i trygge hænder – også når du prøver kræfter med håndstand og lignende stillinger.

Hvad dagene går med

Dagene byder på ca. 5 timers yoga hver dag, som begynder med meditation og vejrtrækning efterfulgt af morgenmad. Om formiddagen vil der være to timer med hatha og vinyasa yoga. Efter frokost er der både plads til alenetid med lange gåture, læsning og hyggeligt samvær med de andre ved poolen, eller på én af terrasserne i solen sammen med citrustræerne. Om eftermiddagen fortsætter dagen på yogaplatformen, hvor vi leger med yogateknik, omvendte stillinger og manuelle justeringer.

Maden og andre oplevelser

Køkkenet på Valle de Vida tager sig godt af dig. Hver dag laver de tre alsidige vegetariske måltider der tilberedes med de lækreste, lokale råvarer. Der er mulighed for tilvalg af fisk, skaldyr lokale vine til aftenmåltidet.  

Ud over den daglige yoga, så byder turen også på en smuk vandretur ved en bjergsø, Vidas sauna, dampbad i små lerhytter, og et dagligt stort udvalg af kropsbehandlinger til fair priser. ​

Michael Bjerrum.jpg

YOGA with Tanya Love

Tanya teaches an exploratory, anatomically intelligent form of yoga dedicated to listening to your body. She is a certified Hakomi practitioner and teacher and was part of the teaching faculty of Intelligent Yoga Teacher Training. Her practice seeks to get bodies moving in ways that improve function and deepen the mind body connection. It has influences from the Yoga teaching of Vanda Scaravelli and the practice of Hakomi, a mindfulness based form of body psychotherapy. She believes that Yoga has the potential to be profoundly therapeutic. Her instruction is clear, sensitive and respectful and her classes are light hearted and inclusive. 

This retreat offers a chance to unwind held tension and explore your body/mind with intelligent and nourishing Yoga practice all set in the beautiful, peaceful Valle de Vida retreat centre. All are welcome, you will leave refreshed, replenished and smiling wide.

Prices from £845

07828 915 428

Tanya Love 2.jpeg
Tanya Love 1.jpeg

Please enquire


Misty morning in the valley

To get in touch and ask a question about our yoga retreat in Spain, book your Spanish yoga holiday or simple ask directions, please either call or email us.

Spain: +34 951 238 614  |  +34 617 408 715
UK: +44 (0) 207 193 1199

We look forward to hearing from you soon


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