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Treatments available at Valle de Vida


We have two outdoor treatments areas at our yoga retreat in Spain. All treatments are by qualified experienced therapists who have worked with us for the last 8 years, overseen by Robi Persad, who has 25 years’ experience of running a large London practice. Our wellness therapists work together to ensure all treatments are complementary and interact well with each other, as well as any physical activities you may be practicing. 


Most teachers do recommend their students have a session with Robi at the beginning of, or during their retreat.


It is best to book treatments before arrival so they can be arranged around your classes and other activities.


Click on any of the treatments below for details and prices.

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Combination Treatments


Combination treatments allow the recipient to try out more than one treatment. And there are some treatments that work very well together so actually combining them gives the recipient a more rounded treatment.

Reiki / Reflexology
With Reflexology and Reiki we can first treat the client with reflexology pinpointing the areas of blockage and dis-ease! Then moving to the Reiki we can concentrate on those areas within the treatment.

55 minutes – €45

Facial / Back Massage
What a combination! A relaxing back massage followed by a facial. This is designed to relax the face and body and rejuvenate the skin. All the benefits of each treatment apply.
55 minutes - €50

Indian Head Massage / Back Massage

A great way to really sort out neck and shoulder problems with a combination of these two massages. A full Indian Head Massage followed by a full Back and shoulders massage.
55 minutes - €65

Hot Stone/Swedish Combi/ Reflex /Reiki
The therapist will design this treatment to suit you on the day so you get would you and she feels you need concentration on those areas that need attention.
€90 minutes-80 € / 2 hrs -100 €


For more information about these treatments see the individual page for that treatment

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