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Sound Journeys

Sound Spirits' creator, Ian, a reiki master and trained a crystal healer, has been working for over twenty years with South American tribes, including Myan elders and the Shur people of Ecuador, renown for their use of healing through vibrations. This has led him along the path of becoming a sound healer, combining extensive knowledge to offer a ceremonial sound journey using flower essences, different types of incense and various overtone instruments, among them - crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, temple bells, monochords, Japanese harps, kotamamo, and overtone flutes. He also holds a diploma from Soma Energetics in America, in the use of tuning forks and an advanced practitioner training diploma from The Spanish Association of Sound Healing.


What is a Sound Journey?

The process of manipulating sound for healing can be traced back to Greek philosopher Pythagorus, who utilised sound as a form of medicine to treat a variety of ailments.
Sound journeys are a great way to get in tune with yourself and aid stress relief. A sound journey is not a concert in the traditional musical sense as it does not require your attention and observation. A sound journey rather uses the structural elements of music - rhythm, arrangement and performance - resulting in a slowdown of your brainwaves, facilitating a shift from a more active state "beta" to a more relaxed, dreamlike state "alpha". This gives you the opportunity to unplug from a hyperactive reality and move into a deeper state to gain perspective into what is going on within you. If you try to analyse what instruments are creating the sounds and what the healer is doing it will take longer to settle into that relaxed state.
Our mind, body and spirit hold the energetic imprints of all our experiences and sound vibrations have a way of shaking things up, they can induce a sense of bliss one minute and a feeling of unease the next. These feelings arise because the environment is promoting a release. This experience can be very powerful and even first timers can have a profound and positive experience. Everyone has a relationship with sound and it has an immediate and direct impact on our whole being, introducing you to what it feels like when calmness enters the mind. Each experience with sound healing will differ depending on your feelings and surroundings, and each new experience will teach you something about
yourself. Sometimes you might have a visual experience, and other times it could affect the way you feel emotionally. It can distort your perception of time and the effects can linger for hours later, leading to an overall feeling of wellbeing and contribution to your personal growth.
Please make your bookings in advance of your stay so we can manage availability.

Individual Sound Therapy
Tailored to the client' personal needs, and using a combination of tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, specifically selected instruments and overtone singing, Ian works with the subtle bodies, energy fields and chakra centres, to harmonise, balance and assist in the release of blocked energy. He also uses sacred geometry to balance and stabilise your own
magnetic field.

€60 for 55 minutes

Group Sound Journeys
Working with the group's energy to create a unique healing space.
Groups smaller than 10 - can be discussed depending on availability.
Groups over 10 - €18 pp

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