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Hands and feet massage

Hands and Feet Massage

Hands and feet deserve a treat as much as you do! Our feet support us day in, day out, and our hands are used in practically everything we do. Having very little fat, these extremities are often the first to show signs of age and neglect. This treatment improves the look and feel of your skin and nails, improves flexibility and is a wonderful all-round stress reliever.

Starting with the calves, the massage works tension out of the muscles, moving through the ankles, heels, and tendons to concentrate on the soles of the feet, where acupressure points are activated to release energy blockages in the channels running to the rest of the body.


Although less renown than the feet, the hands also contain points which when stimulated send messages to different body parts, especially the head and neck. The thousands of sensitive nerve endings or receptors in the hands and fingers respond particularly well to massage.


A hand massage works the forearm, wrist, palm and fingers with different strokes and stretches, and particularly benefits those who perform repetitive tasks such as working at a keyboard, clutching a mobile phone, or playing racket sports, and can reduce risk of arthritis or other joint issues.


Approximate appointment time 40 minutes - €35

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