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Relaxing and healing foot massage

Foot Massage

Reward your hard working feet with a deep massage. When your on your feet all day, a lot of tension builds up in this area, yet somehow the feet often remain the most neglected part of our bodies. This treatment provides immediate relaxation and improves the condition of the skin and nails, as well as increasing flexibility in the feet and ankles. Moreover, by working on particular muscles and activating certain pressure points, the treatment releases blockages in the energy channels and increases circulation to the rest of the body, helping to remove toxins from the whole system.


A great stress reliever, a foot massage promotes a general feeling of well being and can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. Includes work on the shins, calves, ankles, heels, tops and soles of the feet, and the toes.


This treatment lasts 30 minutes – €25

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